RSPSi Release

RSPSi Release

So its clear RSPSi (the infamous map editor) has been somewhat abandoned for a long time. And, although there’s an OaksV1Plugin for the older version of Elvarg, there was never a plugin released for Professor Oaks cleaned copy of elvarg (a.k.a 3.2). I decided to change that earlier in the year and brought one out. Since we’re doing an overhaul of Elvarg the plugin is called “RSPSAppPlugin”.

Annoyingly, there was a bug in RSPSi which rendered the ground lumpy on Elvarg based caches. This is due to a difference in how the tile heights are calculated in the client. Long story short, a friend of mine asked me to take a look and so I did and got the issue fixed today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a bug that could be fixed in a Plugin so I’ve had to release a new version of the editor.

The bug in RSPSi which rendered some paths and floors lumpy. This issue was present in exports from the editor and thus it became very hard to build an actual map.

Download the fixed version below. (Please note: make sure you change the path to your Java in run.bat – or simply change the path to “java”)

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