• Play from anywhere, even iOS

    Play from anywhere, even iOS
  • Try kill our PVP bots 😉

    Try kill our PVP bots ;-)

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RSPSi Release

RSPSi Release

So its clear RSPSi (the infamous map editor) has been somewhat abandoned for a long time. And, although there’s an OaksV1Plugin for the older version of Elvarg, there was never a plugin released... »

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  • You determine the packet size by adding up the amount of bytes the payload will use and if the packet size is not fixed you use -1 (max payload size of 256) or -2 (unsigned short max value)

    byte – 1
    short – 2
    int – 4
    long – 8
    double – 8


    out.writeShort(column); // 2
    out.writeByte(4); // 1
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